Page 46 “I’d Rather Be An Old-Time Christian

Page 46 “I’d Rather Be An Old Time Christian”

Good morning Gospel music friends.  Our hope and prayer is that as we launch out into 2019 in earnest, we will be more committed to the undeniable identity of a born-again Christian who believes the Bible and knows what it says.  Let’s talk about that.  Look into your Bible and turn in your red-backed songbook to…

Page 46 “I’d Rather Be An Old Time Christian”

We seem to be at a point in our society where there are lines being drawn and yet there are some who cannot say what is right or wrong, truth or fiction, sin or righteousness. The good news is that if we are interested in truth, right, and righteousness there is a trustworthy source for those designations.  God’s Holy Word. Romans chapter 1 verse 16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth: to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

When I headed into adulthood I set out to determine for myself the most accurate religious truth and tried most everything. I looked in every doctrinal and denominational door to see for myself. I’m happy now to say There is nothing like religion in the good old-fashioned way.  I have learned through the course of life that I’d rather be an old-time Christian than anything I know.

Now, the cynical smart-alec will surely say, “Well, just how old fashioned do you want to be? Wanna go back to outhouses and candle light?  Hahaha… Don’t be foolish or silly.  We do not have to eschew confounded computers and infernal automobiles to be old-fashioned in our Christianity.

Today, if you believe the King James Bible from cover to cover just as it reads, you might be an Old-Time Christian.  If you like your music to sound different than current country, pop music radio, rap with understandable lyrics which names the Lord Jesus Christ, you might be an Old-Time Christian.  If you have a desire to honor the Lord by dressing modestly you might be an Old-Time Christian. In a time where the church is becoming more and more like a nightclub it is not too difficult to stand out as an Old-Time Christian by turning on all the lights, singing songs that declare the truth of God’s word and then turn loose a man of God who PREACHES the Word of God without apology.

I may never know what it is like to be a millionaire with a million to bestow or a leader like a driven businessman or politician, but I’d rather be an old-time Christian than anything I know.




In My Name

Good morning gospel music friends. Our Hope and prayer is that the Lord has answered your prayers. Let’s talk about that…

John 15:16 KJV
“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”

I want to glorify God in regard to answered prayer. In the last week God has answered a very specific prayer for me. What gives me the most encouragement is not just the object of the prayer but that he sees me as a servant whose prayer could be answered. So many times when I look at myself the thought comes to my mind, could God really answer a prayer for someone as undeserving as me. But, he wants to answer our prayers.

He has the power to answer prayers. It is one of the most compelling and concrete evidences of the existence of almighty God that we can pray for something specific unto him and tell no one else and watch as he brings it to pass.

He has the personality to answer prayer. He wants to call us friends. He also calls us his children. He loves us with a love that cannot die. It is unbelievable to someone like me how that a holy God would even consider answering my prayer but he does.

He has a purpose in answered prayer and that is so that we might bear the fruit of a spirit-filled life to display a relationship with the son of God. How else can we better show the world the Lord Jesus Christ than through a life that has a testimony of answered prayer after answered prayer after answered prayer.

And so we pray that today that the Lord will answer your prayers so the world can see the product of a person who lives by prayer.




Page 47 “Footprints of Jesus”

Good morning Gospel music friends.  What an exciting and interesting year it has been as we have done our best to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in service and ministry.  I know you can echo the truth that placing our feet in his prints has made the pathway glow.  As we end 2018 I would like to invite you to open your Bible and grab your songbook one more time and turn to…

Page 47 “Footprints of Jesus”

I got a new preaching Bible for my birthday last year, a wide margin Scofield edition of the King James Bible from Local Church Publishers ( I highly recommend).  One thing that is hard to find these days is a red-letter edition of the KJV, that includes this current Bible.  I took one of my older Bibles that has the red-letter notation and began to go page by page underlining in red all the words of Jesus in my newer Bible.  What an amazing thing I found as I began to tread the Footprints of Jesus through the Word.

One of the first statements He made was, Come follow me.  That invitation was not to be part of a great adventure but to see that every step led those 12 closer to who Jesus was.  There were nights in the cold dark mountains and a day of healing by Siloam’s fountains, helping the weak.  What a sight it must have been to see and hear Jesus in the temple holy, preaching the Word, or in homes of the poor and lowly.  As they followed the Footprints of Jesus, He showed the 12, and us today, that there is no where the Gospel should be left out or no person who does not need to hear it.

As I have gone through this discipline I have been reminded of many of His promises that have slipped my mind.  One promise that I often remind myself and others is in John chapter 14.  Jesus said if we would follow His footprints that He was going to prepare a place for us.  “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am there ye may be also.”  If we will continue following His footprints through His Word, one day we will find We shall rest where the steps of Jesus end at His throne.

As we walk into 2019 let us determine to set our footprints in His as He leads the way.

Musical Meditation

“We will follow the steps of Jesus, Where’er they go.”


We Love You,


The Enemy Has A Room In The Temple

Our hope and prayer for you is that the Spirit of God lives in every room in your Temple, your being.  Let’s talk about that…

In Nehemiah 13 we find that through the reading of the Word of God that the remnant in Jerusalem had to separate from some things, some practices and some people.  That can be uncomfortable at the least and conflicting in the extremes.  One such person who had allowed a sinful situation was the high priest, Eliashib.  We read in verses 4 and 5 that the priest had actually invited one of the sworn enemies of the people of God to take up a residence within the Temple.  Not only that, in a room, a great chamber that had been designated as the store room for the meat offerings unto the Lord, frankincense for the incense of worship, vessels that were to be filled and poured out for the oblation offering, and tithes of the corn, the new wine, and the oil.   There was no room for the things of sacrifice, for praise, for worship, for commanded giving, for the Spirit’s filling, or the anointing. That place had ben given to the enemy.

Now, when Joseph and Mary came to an inn in Jerusalem there was not room for them and Jesus.  Why? All the rooms had been booked up.  There was no room for the Lord.  I fear that with all the processes of our life, the priorities we set and the propensity of the flesh to want what it wants, that there may be little room for the Lord.  God help us if there be no room for sacrifice for Him, worship of Him, Praise to Him, filling by Him, giving unto Him financially, or the anointing of The Spirit.

However, Eliashib’s situation was distinctly more desperate.  He had actually invited Tobiah the Ammonite, the sworn enemy of Isreal, to live IN THE TEMPLE and displaced the things of God to do so.  He had formed an alliance and brought it into the place meant for God.  He was not too busy or over-booked.  Eliashib had an attachment, an association, an affinity for sin that he gave specific place to in the face of what he and everyone around knew was not right.  Ephesians 4:27 says Neither give place to the devil.  Do not, child of God, give a place for the devil’s music, his entertainment, his temptation, his influence or his control anywhere in your temple.  If this is the condition, follow the example of Nehemiah in verse 7 through 14 and clear out all the stuff of Tobiah and allow the Holy Ghost to take the Clorox, Purex, Pine-sol and 40-Mule-Team to that place in your life and put the things of God back in their proper position. Make sure the Lord has His place in your whole life.



Page 24 “Be Ready To Go”

Good morning Gospel music friends.  Our hope and prayer is that the state of the world around us is an indication of how close the imminent return of Christ really is.  Let’s study that thought in song and scripture.  Look in the Red Book and turn to…

Page 24 “Be Ready To Go”

We’re told in the Bible that Jesus is coming.  The Lord said in Matthew 24:44, Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Though many have tried to lay a date to that event we are clearly told that the Father is the only one that knows just when He shall descend from the portals of glory.

There is a world unaware, uncaring and unconcerned that the Lord is going to surely fulfill His promise, If I to and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. They, the lost, are not ready, nor does it appear that they wish to get ready.  But, whether the warnings are heeded and the signs are ignored, the reality of the rapture of the Church is going to happen. Be Ready To Go.

Our duty is to take as many with us when we go.  It would be selfish and, honestly, prideful to keep that open invitation to ourselves.  The Lord is not interested in the elite, the clean, the impressive, the successful for life on the glory side.  He is searching for the humble, lowly, sinful, rotten, repentant soul who needs a Savior.  Any who would come can Be Ready to Go.

Tell someone today of the real need to Be Ready To Go.



Go Shew These Things

Our hope and prayer for you is that you have recognized some of the supernatural ways that the Lord has answered prayers for you this week.  Can you remember a time when the Lord came through for you in a situation that turned out in a way that was not at all the way you imagined it would? Did you relate that experience, that testimony to others? Let’s talk about that…

In the book of Acts chapter 12 Peter has been apprehended (v4) by Herod and was guarded by 16 Roman soldiers in a prison.  Peter was chained on either side of 2 of those soldiers one night when he was awakened by the angel of the Lord (v7).  In verses 9 through 12 Peter was struggling with his awareness of situation.  Was this really happening or was he still dreaming? It did not seem real that the angel was there and that chains supernaturally unlocked and fell off without the guards waking up.  Gates were opening by themselves and now Peter was out in the streets.  That chain of events certainly did not go the way Peter thought they would.  So, now in verse 11 Peter is fully aware of what happened, where he is and where he needs to go next. 

When Peter knocked on the door of John Mark’s mother where many were praying without ceasing (v5) a young girl named Rhoda came to the gate and said, Who is it?  It’s Peter. Who?  Peter… Wait right there, I’ll be right back!  Rhoda went in to all the distraught adults who were praying and told them Peter was at the gate.  Her mama probably threatened to tan her hide for fibbing at such a crucial time.  Those adults ignored that little girl who had actually heard the voice of answered prayer because she went to listen for it (v13).  Peter kept knocking and somebody said, I wonder who that could be.  Rhoda, I TOLD YOU!!  Sure enough, there stood Peter. 

Peter quieted their excitement and gave them the whole story with one instruction, Go shew these things.  Pass the word, Tell it far and wide, TESTIFY!!  Who wouldn’t want to tell that story. It was so miraculous, so sensational and divine. Obviously, none of them had prayed specifically that the angel would wake Peter, make his chains to fall away, open all the constraints that kept Peter in prison wide without awaking any of the guards and bring him directly to the house where they were praying. 

There are two things we can glean from this passage.  First, those praying would not easily accept news of answered prayer because it was not answered the way they imagined it would be.  Let us not brush off an answer because it does not fit our notion of how that prayer should be answered in our mind.  Second, Go Shew These Things!  I can just hear it… You ain’t gonna believe this, but…



Page 54 “Have Faith In God”

Good morning Gospel music friends.  Our hope and prayer for you is that faith has triumphed over fear and that doubt has been overcome by the Spirit borne desire He has given.  With that in mind, let’s turn in our King James Bible’s to Mark chapter 11 and grab our Church Hymnal and turn to…

Page 54 “Have Faith In God”

Mark 11:12-14, 20-26.  This passage has been before me in recent days, I believe, because it holds much to glean from.  There is the cursed fig tree, the questioning disciples and the calming instruction of the Savior.  When the matter is brought up by Peter, Jesus does not address the fig tree specifically but shows the power in properly rooted prayer.  He begins with this statement, “Have faith in God” that is, believe on Jesus Christ, the Lord. If we do that and doubting never, the precious blood still has its power. 

So, first comes faith then comes prayer, which comes from heart’s desire, which in the child of God is changed from selfish to service, from fleshly to faith, from material to the master.  When we want the right things and have faith in God, we can pray prayers of belief that none can hinder.

There is one word in these verses that is sometimes the hardest to see; “shall.”  In verses 23 through 24 shall appears 5 times. That’s the Bible number for grace. If we shall pray in faith for things that the Spirit bears witness with then the grace of God can unleash the power of answered prayer for the believing child of God.  What are you praying for?  What is that desire of your prayer birthed from?  Do you believe God can?

Quickly, let me share something.  When I was a boy there was a large hill in the foothills of the Appalachians where we lived near Lookout and Sand Mountain.  A concrete company built an operation at the foot of that lil’ mountain.  The ground in that hill was a sandy clay that they used as a component of their concrete mix.  Well, I drive by that place in Centre, Alabama when we go see Mama and Daddy and today it is a flat piece of ground level with the road and not the lil’ mountain I remember as a boy.  It took a while, one concrete mixer truck at a time, but that mountain was moved.  It was transformed into the building material for concrete structures all over north Alabama. It might take a while and one truckload at a time, but your mountains can be moved.  Believe.